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Hello! If you have a house-part of a house-garage- shed- storage place-whatever–full of old stuff that needs to be removed in a timely and orderly fashion, please give me a call before you do anything with it. It’s true that most Estate Sellers only deal with big fancy houses full of high-end antiques. Not me! I do them all-from gated estates to humble bungalows and apartments. I work with Realtors–with Estate Executors–and with family members. I am more flexible than any other estate liquidation company as to picking the right process for your situation. And as a realtor myself I completely understand the “house” part of it as well as the “stuff inside it” part. I can take care of any or all of what needs to be done, including listing and selling the real estate if desired. Let me come and give you a free consultation along with several options as to how to best get you what you need in the time you need it done. I am based in Hollywood, CA but work throughout So. CAL ! Thanks and Take care!

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I have been doing estate liquidation and working with all manner of antiques, collectibles, housewares including clothing, jewelry and accessories on one end of the spectrum to tools, machinery and electronics on the over end for over 25 years. Since becoming a realtor 10 years ago I have helped many fellow realtors who feel comfortable knowing that I am one of their own—and that every time I take on an estate sales job I am putting on the line my real estate license saying that I am an honest trustworthy person who will deal with you in a straightforward manner. This gives someone hiring me even more insurance than when using an outside estate liquidator who may or may not be honest. You can bet that I wouldn’t risk my real estate license by doing anything other than an honorable job for you. Below find a couple of the more nicely written notes I have rec’d from satisfied clients of Clear-it-out:


I used Norm Kerner’s Clear It Out service about 6 months ago after my mother passed away. It is a large home (about 3000 square feet) that I grew up in (in Downey) and one that my father and mother had owned since 1958, so this house had a lot of stuff in it and a lot of memories too.

Norm did a great job. He sold the things that were the most valuable (paintings, some furniture, jewelry) through various auction houses, including EBAY. His knowledge of what items were worth was amazing! For exampie I was going through a huge pile of clothes from my mother and he walked by the room and grabbed 3 pairs of cowboy style boots that she had worn. He looked at each of them, threw 2 pairs back into the pile and took one pair with him. Norm said the cowboy boots were from a famous designer from the fifties and he ended up getting $500 for them!

The stuff that didn‘t sell either oniìne or through auction houses, he sold by having two estate sales on two different weekends. He was a very good at selling items. I remember him being abie to talk about everything from lamps to china with customers.

Anyway, he was very knowledgeable, efficient and trust worthy. I highly recommend his service.

Margaret Arana

Hello! This past fall my wife Sim and I were in need of someone to help us prepare Sim‘s mother’s house for
sale as her mom was being moved into an assisted living facility. We knew Norm Kerner as our realtor. He had
found us our 1st house in Echo Park in 2003. He listed that house for us in ‘06 and was our agent for the next 2
houses we bought which are next door to each other here on AVE 66 in Highland Park’s Garvanza District. We feel we know him and trust him implicitly.

There wasn’t a ton of very valuable stuff at Sim’s mom‘s but there was a lot ofjust stuff. We were amazed and pleased that Norm ws able to turn some it into decent money. we had quite honestly not expected very much from the contents of the place –in fact originally we thought we would have to pay to have it all hauled away. We may not have gotten rich but at least it all more than paid for itself!

I don’t quite know what else to write except that if you’d like to hear this from us directly please feel free funny and, did i mention, honest? And that’s what we care most about.

Yours truly David Davisdon & Sim Davidson